The crash of ND632 at Ford was investigated by the Air Investigation Board as transcribed below.

ND632 Accident Report
26 / 8 / 1944.   Accident 03:23 hrs.  
P/O L.E. Westcott (175159) – 985 flying hrs, 87hrs on Lancasters (112 hrs at night, 47 on Lancasters at night)
Lancaster Mk 3, ND 632 of 103 Squadron, People in Aircraft – 7, Crashed at RAF Ford, Sussex.
‘Listing?’ 3 engine emergency landing (after being damaged by friendly .303 fire), in poor visibility aircraft missed runway and crashed
into 4 other aircraft, catching fire and burning 2 other aircraft. All crew killed.
A.   Control must have been ok as aircraft made check circuit.
P.   Pilot did not land on runway at all – appeared to notice too late and attempted to go round again – instigating  circumstances below.
E.   Starboard inner engine was feathered – damaged beyond inspection possibilities in crash but oil tank found holed by .303 ammunition
– had self sealed fairly well.                  
Engines: Port Outer – Merlin 28 (325388)        Port Inner – Merlin 38 (249797)
                                                         Stbd Inner – Merlin 38 (248461)         Stbd Outer – Merlin 38 (249570)
U. TB    Tyre burst but not known when – probably through ____ by friendly ammunition.
A.          Radio contact with base not established – aircraft in distress (weak IFF).
X.  FF   Aircraft damaged by friendly fire – details unknown.
W.         Patches of mist on ground upset pilot’s approach and landing
SP. Record    Aircraft seen on inspection to have been damaged by friendly fire but no details known.
Fire Caught fire on crashing and burnt out.
(AIB Invest C of I Other)
H12 Base Cdr.  Final cause of accident due captain having to make emergency landing at Ford in ___ with patches of mist 50’/100’ deep
drifting across airfield. 
                         Other aircraft in accident from 11 Group FIU:        Beaufighters R2243 (Cat.E) Burnt and MM857 (Cat.B) damaged
                                                                                                      Mosquitos MM564 (Cat.E) Burnt and HK419 (Cat.E) damaged