Lancaster Bomber Cutaway & Crew Positions

Crew Position & Location
Seated on the left hand side of the cockpit. There was no Co-Pilot
Flight Engineer
Seated next to the pilot on a folding seat
Seated at a table facing to the port (left) of the aircraft and directly behind the pilot and flight engineer
Bomb Aimer
Seated when operating the front gun turret, but positioned in a laying position when directing the pilot on to the aiming point prior to releasing the bomb load
Wireless Operator
Seated facing forward and directly beside the navigator
Mid-Upper Gunner
Seated in the mid upper turret, which was also in the unheated section of the fuselage
Rear Gunner
"Tail End Charlie" seated in the rear turret in an unheated and isolated position. Most rear gunners, once in their turrets, did not see another member of the crew until the aircraft returned to base, sometimes 10 hours after departing