Pilot L.E. Westcott and Crew’s Missions
1.20th Jul. Day, JA962, Wizernes – V2 launch complex
Large underground complex built to assemble and launch V2 rockets. It was enclosed by a huge concrete ‘cuppola’. This was dislodged by 617 Sq. (dambusters) using ‘tallboy’ bombs 3 days before this raid. The site was then abandoned.
2.23rd Jul. Night, JA 962, Kiel – Port facilities
612 aircraft bombed for 25 minutes. All parts of Kiel were hit, particularly heavily in the port areas & important U-boat yards.
JA962 was attacked by a twin-engine JU88 night-fighter just before releasing its bombs but evaded it, like many other bombers, by 'corkscrewing'
3.25th Jul. Night, JA962, Stuttgart – City raid
2nd of 3 raids on city and most ‘successful’ in destroying the city
4.28th Jul. Night, JA962, Stuttgart – City raid
3rd raid attacked by night-fighters all across France on moonlit night, 39 of the 494 Lancasters were shot down (4 from 103 Sq.)
5.31st Jul. Day, JA962, Le Havre – Port facilities
52 Lancasters bombed port area. Smoke covered target but one U-boat probably hit. 1 Lancaster lost.
6.3rd Aug. Day, LM292, Trossy-St.Maximin – V weapons
Many hundreds of Lancasters & Halifaxes attacked flying bomb storage site. Escorted by fighters. 5 planes lost, none from 103 Sq. Intense flak to and from target.
7.4th Aug. Day, LM272, Pauillac – Oil storage facilities
306 Lancasters attacked facilities around Bordeaux. 8-9 hour trip over Bay of Biscay. Flew very low over water for 2 hours (one plane hit and blew up) then climbed high to bomb. Clear weather.
8.7th Aug. Night, JA962, Fontenay-le-Marmion – Army support
1019 aircraft attacked five aiming points. Carefully controlled – only 660 actually bombed. Raid successful with no Allied tanks hit
9.16th Aug. Night, JA962, Stettin – Mine laying in Baltic
Large German army surrounded by Russians trying to evacuate through Stettin. Mining operation in deep water channel from port. Mines laid from 300ft under intense flak along fixed path. Two Lancasters lost off Swinemunde
10.  18th Aug. Day, JA962, Ertvelde-Rieme – Oil storage
Petrol dumps bombed from 3000ft (below cloud-base) and barges and facilities machine-gunned. No enemy fighters, light flak.
11.  25th Aug. Night, ND632, Russelsheim – Opel factory
412 Lancasters attacked the Opel motor vehicle factory at Russelsheim near Frankfurt. 15 aircraft were lost. Clear night with many night-fighter actions (3 shot down by Lancasters of 103 Squadron). ND632 was badly damaged by ‘friendly’ fire and crashed on landing at RAF Ford.

Lancaster ND632’Y’ was detailed for bombing operations on the night of 25/26th August 1944. The target for that night was the Opel motor vehicle factory at Russelsheim near Frankfurt. 412 bombers took off and 15 were lost. ND632, PM-Y for Yoke, took off at 8:13 in the evening. This plane had been with the squadron since Feb and had done 319hrs.
its return to base Norman’s aircraft flew over Ford (Sussex) Aerodrome at approximately 03:15 on 26
th August and, owing to inflicted damage (from friendly fire) fired a red verey light and was given permission to land. After making a round circuit approach, the Lancaster missed the runway in the mist & dark and hit 4 parked aircraft (2 Mosquitos & 2 Beaufighters of the Fighter Interception unit) and finally a hanger. The aircraft caught fire and all seven crew members were killed in the crash.