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Caroline Spooner - 67640, Barque, 663 tons Register

The Caroline Spooner was by far the largest vessel built at Aberystwyth. She was built by John Faulk Evans in 1878 and went on to sail all over the world including America'a east and west coasts and Australia - see following newspaper reports:

South Australian Register, Adelaide, Tuesday March 30th 1886 - Shipping Intelligence:
"Vessels expected: from Boston, Caroline Spooner, 663 tons, sailed January 18th"
The Morning Call, San Francisco, Tuesday October 25th 1892 - Shipping Notes:
"The Barque Caroline Spooner, 663 tons, loads redwood here and pine on the sound for the West Coast, owners account"

Caroline Spooner was captained from 1878 to 1887 by David Hughes (26870) born in 1841 in Borth.

She was 'sold foreign' in 1894 having been removed from the British register in 1893 


Nick Tudor-Jones original photograph
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