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Jane Rowland - 56400, Barque, 318 tons Register, Built 1868, Aberystwyth


The Jane Rowland was one of the largest vessels to be built at Aberystwyth and sailed from Cardiff in April 1868 on her maiden voyage to Burma where she picked up a cargo of rice which was unloaded in Amsterdam 12 months later.

The captain was Richard Hughes (b.1840, Aberystwyth, cert no. 25631) and he sailed with a crew of ten including the Mate (<John Jenkins>, b.1840, Borth, cert. no. 81601), a Boatswain, Carpenter, Cook/Steward, 3 Able Seamen, 1 Ordinary Seaman and two apprentices aged sixteen and seventeen.

Richard Hughes remained as captain of the Jane Rowland until 1875 when Edward Jones (b.1839, Aberystwyth, cert.no. 33323) took command until the vessel was lost in an Atlantic storm in 1879 when the ship 'strained' sailing from New York to Kings Lynn - fortunately with no loss of life.


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