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Pilgrim - 44736, Brig, 182 tons Register, Built 1862, Aberystwyth

The vessel was launched in September of 1862 and she was built by John Evans.

The captain for most of her life - from 1862 to 1872 - was David Lloyd (b.1832, Aberystwyth, cert. no. 18890). He was alos the registered owner.
After he left she was captained by Thomas Phillips Jones (b.1832, Aberaeron, cert. no. 24793) for two years until May 1874 when the Pilgrim was lost in the Bay of Biscay with all hands, on a voyage to Santander.
Two of the other crew members lost were the Mate, Thomas Davies (b.1843, Aberaeron, cert. no. 81899) and a sailor John Price.